Thursday, November 20, 2008


Okay, so I forgot to post before pictures of my bathroom.  I just went through all the 8500 photos on my computer and there aren't any good ones!  Crazy!   Sorry Laurie:( I'll just say, it was REALLY bad when we bought the house.  We remodeled it some then, but it was still terrribly disorganized and had an enormous tub in it that we made into a shower temporarily.  But none of that exists anymore:)  Yipee!

Update on Gracie and dancing:)
  She still says she's not going to do it.  Any suggestions???
  Bribing?  Already tried..."Gracie, if you dance I'll bring you back to Target and let you pick out a toy:)"
  Gracie "What do I need a toy for?"
  Hmmm, that was successful.

Piper this morning: (She's been a riot today):

  I am in the shower and she comes running in there....
 "Mommy, my hair bow is stuck.  I can't get it off. (She is pulling her shirt really hard)
  Me: "Piper, that's not a hair bow, that's a bow for your shirt
 "It won't come off"
  Me: "It's not supposed to come off"
  She's still distraught:  I want it off. 
  Me:  "If you want to, go get another shirt, but don't rip the bow off."

Then later she comes in wearing it, guess she got over it .......  

It does look like a hair bow.

I get out of the shower...
Piper: "Moooommmm, Reilly slobbed up your carpet"
Me:  "She did what?"
Piper: "She slobbed it up.  Lemme show you."
Mom comes in to the den to find out she did indeed slob up my carpet!  She threw up on it.  Yuck!

A little while later.....
Piper: "Mom, I'm hungry."
Me: "What would you like to eat Piper?"
Piper: "em ems"  (translation- M&Ms)
um, yeah, it's 9:00 in the morning.

Gracie yet a little while later......
Gracie "Mom, what is Piper's middle name?"
Me: "Helene, remember, she is named after Nanny?"
G: "What's her last name?"
me: "The same as yours, what's your last name?"
G: "Ummm, Brooke?"
Me: "No, that's your middle name, what's your last name?"
G: "Ummm, Gibson.  Yes!  We are the Gibsons!"
me: "Yes! We are the Gibson's!"
She starts singing, "We are the Gibsons! and then she interjects, and we love to Panthers!"
me, laughing: "And who else do we love?, (thinking she would say the Pirates:))
G: "And we love Jackson!"

Oh yes we do!


The Brown's said...

Ha- love your post :). What a joy to be able to document these sweet memories on your blog!

Miss you girl!

Lindsay said...

miss you too Gisele!! We need to get together!