Sunday, November 9, 2008


Hey all,
  Jordan went to the oncologist on Friday.  They said he will take chemo in a pill form.  He shouldn't get too sick and he can finish school!!!  Can you believe that?!!  God has been working through your prayers, I know it!  Do you remember that they told him there wasn't much hope?  Now they are telling him he will love and long healthy life!! And he won't even get sick or lose his hair:)

  What great things the Lord has done!

  I will update you when he starts his chemo.


Kim said...

Praise the Lord!!!!! He is sooo good!!!

Michelle said...

You can take chemo in a pill?!?!?!?!? That is AMAZING! Praise God - what mercy! So happy for him, his wife and your family!

The Brown's said...

Thank you for the update... Oh Jesus- please heal completely!

3orange1blonde said...

What? That is so much fun to read this...I was just praying for him a couple mornigns ago!! I'm so excited that God has chose this for him..thank you Lord...keep us trusting and expecting great things....what about your hubby's eyes..what ended up happenign there? Sometimes I pray for that too.