Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I went to sleep....

Can you believe it???  I went to bed, didn't even stay up to watch the moment!  I'm a little sad I didn't.  And I kept waking up wondering what happened.  I should have just gone and turned on the TV to see and then gone back to sleep.  

Well, Congratulations Mr. Obama! What a victory for you and the democratic party.  And more importantly, what a victory for African Americans everywhere.  I do rejoice with you in that. Maybe this will greatly help to bridge the racial gap.  I will be praying for you.  Wow you have a whole lot waiting for you come January, when you take the oath and move in to the White House.  I pray that God would be your guide and that He would convict you where you don't hold His standards.  I pray that you will be on your knees before Him as you seek to lead us.  You have a high and holy calling.  You can't do it on your own.  You need Him , more than you know.  I pray for your precious little girls.  Now their life is completely different from what they once knew.  May God protect them.  And would you please consider, as you tuck these little girls in at night, that the lives of the unborn are just as precious to God as your girls are to you?  That this is not above your pay grade to care for them? The ball is in your court Mr Obama, will you choose life and obey God or will you please man?
Most people voted for you because they value their money.  They want to have more and more and they are fearful about what might happen to what they have now. But many of us don't care about money.  We care about the unborn, marriage between a man and a woman, supreme court justices who adhere to God's Word.  We care about serving and pleasing God in every area.  Will you join us?

Wow, that kind of just came out:)  But there it is, that's where I am.  I will be praying for Mr. Obama and his family.  And I will be praying for his salvation.

On another note:  I just finished listening to a 40 days for life telecast.  It's a post campaign one where they talked about the election and the affects it will have.  Although there are tons of things about Obama being elected and the democratic advantage in every arena that are devastating, they reminded us on the telecast that no laws, no government really changes abortion.  Abortion doesn't happen in the court house, white house, or anywhere else like that.  It happens in our neighborhoods.  And that is where we must be out fighting for life and for these moms.  The people on the call were also hopeful that the Freedom of Choice Act won't pass even if Obama pushes it.  Let's pray for that.


   So, here's my two cents (like I haven't already given you a dollars worth:))  I think God is calling the church to action.  It's about time we really weighed if we are for or against God.  Are we serious about our faith and upholding God's Word?? Or are we more concerned with the things of this world?  We are in a time of testing and God is going to sift the wheat from the chaff.  Are we going to value what God values- like the unborn, orphans, and marriage between a man and a woman only.  Are we willing to stand up for what is right?  We'll see.  I pray we do.

  Go check out what Randy Alcorn had to say today.  It's very worth the read. 

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