Sunday, November 16, 2008

It is finished!!!!!

Our bathroom is finally done!!!  Hooray!
When we moved in, after almost totally gutting our house down to the studs, we weren't able to remodel our bathroom fully.  So last year for Christmas Jeremy's gift to me was to redo the bathroom.  But he said it would be done by September!  I tried to be patient, after all he has more than a full plate right now.  But he started working on it a few months ago and two weeks ago we moved back in to it.  I love it!  Thank you love for all your hard work.

Laurie, people rarely pick black cabinets!  So I thought it was really fun that you did too:)

I love these cabinets:)  They are black distressed with bead board.  And the drawers are nice and roomy.  And we each have three of our very own.  Yipee!
This is our shower.  It has two shower heads:)
And our very fun cabinet over the toilet.  Love this one too.  It's so roomy.
I call these my jewels:)  They are in the shower.
The granite we chose is called golden tulip.

I learned a lot about what my poor husband deals with on a daily basis. He is a builder and has to deal with subs all day long.  I respect you and your patience!!
Remodeling is no fun!  We just put granite in our kitchen too.  People in and out of your house all the time, making messes, not showing up when they should, and not bringing the right things when they do come.  But it's worth it in the end:)

More posts coming this week!  Friday is a big day.  Gracie has her first dance recital in the morning and we all have a Thanksgiving dinner that night for our co-op.  It's an interactive dinner.  We each have a part but it's top secret:)  Should be fun!
Pray for that recital!  Think she'll do it???


3orange1blonde said...

So must have been so much work..he definitely has an eye for goodness..this is impressive and I'm so happy for you.

Michelle said...

Bee-u-tiful! :) Love the black cabinets!!! Have fun cleaning the tiled shower ;)

3orange1blonde said...

This has nothing to do with your bathroom, but I'm laughing and thot I'd share. This person asks me to become their friend on FaceBook. It's LIndsay Brown. So I say "yes" and begin to notice comments about Monday blahs, hating job, partying...and I'm all the while thinking thoughts to myself!! The I realize that YOU're NOT Brown but Gibson..I was laughing!! Not like you're not allowed to have Monday blahs or something or party, but it was a little different than I would imagine you! o.k. sign off.!! hee.

Lindsay said...

That's really funny lisa!!! Jeremy has forbidden me from doing facebook cause he says I'll get addicted:)