Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Seven Prayers A Day

Go over to Angie's blog and read about the seven prayers a day she has come up with to pray over her children.  Awesome idea!  I am convicted and I want to do this for my girls.  You will want to too:)  It's so easy to pray, why don't I do it more?


Kim said...

This is a great idea! Tami gave me a great little book that helps me to pray for Ellie using verses. It is called "Praying God's will for my daughter" by Lee Roberts. It covers everything.
There is also one called "Praying God's will for my son" and Praying God's will for my husband".

The Brown's said...

Great idea! I am unfamiliar with this precious lady's story. Is her little girl with us or in heaven?

Bless you- Gisele

Lindsay said...

She's in heaven Gisele. She had a disorder that was incompatible with life. They found out about it when she was 20 weeks pregnant. Audrey lived for about an hour after she was born. Their story is totally amazing. She is reaching so many people with the gospel.
Her husband Todd, sings in the group Selah.

Anna said...

I loved it- what a wonderful way to love our kids! Thanks for the sight!