Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Difficult Work of Waiting

Do you have those devotions where God speaks directly to you?  Sure, we all do.  Somedays it's really clear to me and others, well not so much.  Today is one of those days where it is clear as a bell.  
I am reading "Living in the Gap Between Promise and Reality," a reformed commentary on the "Gospel according to Abraham" by Iain Duguid.  I started reading it last year and then went to something else.  Well, I'm back and boy is it good!
Today the chapter is from Genesis 16, where Sarai tells Abram to take Hagar and try to accomplish the promised blessing.  They were willing to try to make it happen on their own, instead of waiting on God to fulfill his promise.  You all know the rest of the story and the mess that created.
 So here is what I read, "An attitude of impatience and distrust is intensely dangerous.  You are eager to see events unfold and have grown weary of waiting for God to act.  You are anxious to see the way ahead, instead of walking by faith.  You want to see every obstacle removed immediately."
 BAM!  There it is.  When I read that, I knew it was for me today.  Most of you are aware of the building we are doing over here on our land.  So I won't rehash all of it, except to say it's been the hardest thing we have ever done and there have been obstacles at every turn.  Well, here we are a year and a month from the day that our dear friends signed papers to buy their land and start building their houses.  They should have been in them 4 months ago.  Today, two of them are 99.9% complete and we are waiting on our final inspections. (The third one started much later than the first two).
  What's going on in my heart?  Not much faith.  I am anxious to see this done, to see my friends get their houses and to have my husband back.  I have grown weary of waiting on God.  It's been long enough!  Two years now! I want to see every obstacle removed immediately.  I want these inspections signed off pronto.  No more, fix this and do that just because the inspector wants it his way (which is totally subjective we have learned). Let's just be done here Lord!  We've endured enough!!

  Then Mr Duguid says, "But what do you do when it seems the desires of your heart are good and proper, yet they remain as unfulfilled as ever?  You must continue to wait for God's timing.  God is not slow-but neither is he in a hurry."
We wholeheartedly believe God called us to this monumental task.  And that He will bring it to pass.  But there have been many days where I have wondered what we were thinking!  Then I have to remind myself of what I just stated, this is God's project, not ours.  The desires of my heart are good, to see God's plan continue to unfold and for the vision of Treasure Cove to begin.  Friends living together, glorifying God and raising our children to love and serve Him. That's our heart and that's the heart of the Balts, Hollemans, and Lucases. BUT I MUST WAIT ON GOD'S TIMING.  HE IS NOT SLOW NOR IS HE IN A HURRY!!
I am convicted.  I have repented this morning of my unbelief in what God is doing in and through me and through this project.  When I read this, I just groaned cause I knew it was just what I needed and the sins were mine.

"But, like a patient and long-suffering parent, God bides his time, neither delaying nor hurrying, until every thing is in place.  Then-and not a moment sooner-he gives us the good things he has promised."  
Amen! He will finish the work he has begun. When the timing is perfect and not a moment 
sooner! So from this day forward, Lindsay is going to trust Him and lay it all at his feet knowing it will be done in His perfect timing.


Kim said...

Great post!! You know how impatient I have been. I am writing these quotes down.

T said...

Amen sister!!!!!!

The Brown's said...

Wow- what a gaze shifter! Oh to wait on the Lord in faith!! Thanks my friend!

Shawnda said...

Oh - that is really GOOD, sister! Thank you for sharing!!! I DEFINITELY want all the obstacles out of the way and want the path 2 yrs ago! A daily struggle of mine. Thank you for pressing me into Him and exhorting us to trust in our all sufficient, sovereign, perfect, LOVING Father!!!!!