Thursday, January 1, 2009

Things that make you go Hmmmm.....

You might be wondering why there aren't any pictures on here from Christmas???
I offer you a very simple answer....I don't have ANY.  Nope, not a single ONE.  Very sad, but very true:(  I was in bed with a migraine from Christmas Eve till the day after Christmas, literally.  It's okay, no pity needed, it could have been much worse.  But just wanted to let you know why there aren't any pictures of my little ones enjoying the joys of Christmas.

I will tell you about it:)  I did get to rush them through their presents so I could see them open them.  That in itself is sad that the poor things didn't get to enjoy them cause their mom was hurrying them along.  But they survived.

The both got American Girl dolls and that was a highlight!  Gracie got Kit, and they really look alike!  And Piper got Ruthie.  They also got a bed and horse to go along with them. Oh and beauty chairs so they can style their hair while Kit and Ruthie are comfortable:) To top it off, Gamma made them and their dolls matching outfits:)
 Another favorite was princess shoes that light-up.  They wear those a lot.

It was a special year for us here.  Gamma and Papa came on Christmas Eve and spent the night with us.  It was so fun having them here to open presents with the girls on Christmas morning.

Then everyone was off to Nanny and Papaw's (my mom and dad's) for presents with them and my sisters, then Dad's side comes over for lunch. Then for dinner, they all went to Mimi's (My mom's moms).
Don't worry, Jeremy took good care of me:)  He was going to stay home with me but I insisted that he go and have fun.  He came back to check on me periodically.

I've really enjoyed seeing your Christmas pictures on your blogs!  Makes me feel like I didn't miss out as much.

AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!, by the way.

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