Monday, January 19, 2009


*****Update****- Marge had a good point that I meant to talk about earlier.  It's of course best to get stains out when they are fresh, but in reality that rarely happens.  So these products have helped me get these stains out even after setting for days.  Even after I have washed and dryed them, when I really forget.

 Some say I have a knack for getting stains out.  It's genetic.  My mom and Meemaw can get anything out!  I have gotten a few calls for help and some friends even bring me their stuff:)

So I thought a post was in order on what I use.  
Actually, I have quite an arsenal.  No product will get every stain out!

The latest and greatest thing I just found is shout advanced for GREASE stains!  Yes, you heard that right folks, there is finally a product out there for grease stains that actually works!!!  Just spray some of this bad boy right on that grease and throw it in the wash....Voila, the stain is gone!  Seriously!

The next is just good ole Shout Advanced.  Lots of people say they don't have luck with Shout, but I always have.  I use this for most everyday stains.  So unless you read me pointing out a specific product for a certain stain, use this one.  It works well on blood too.
This is hand cleaner that many shops use.  Mechanics, etc that get really greasy and grimey.  My Dad taught me this one.  He's and oil man and he came in the house one day and got grease all over Mom's rug.  I was in horror but he said, just go get some Go-Joe and it will come right out.  And he was right!  I stood in amazement.  I just wiped it on with a rag and wiped the grease right up!  It doesn't always work on clothes but it does many times.  It can work on general stains too, I just usually use the Shout Advanced Gel.
This one I am showing you is a generic brand.  I prefer Go-Joe but they started making it with pumice in it.  Makes total sense for men's hands, but not for my clothes.  Dad says if you go to an auto supply place you can get Go-Joe without the pumice in it.  I just go steal some of his:)
And another favorite...Spot Shot!  This is carpet cleaner.  I do use it for that but more importantly, I use it to get ink stains out.  Just spray it on and watch the ink disappear. Clothes, couches, whatever.
  So there you have it.  My dryer just beeped, it's laundry day!

  If you are in a laundry quandry, just call me! 
 Or you can just bring me the clothing:)


Marge said...

I'm glad to know about the Shout Advanced for grease. Do you know if it works on old grease stains, or does is have to be fresh?

Lindsay said...

It even works on old ones!!

Madeira girl said...

ok, how about gas? I got a bunch on my brand new jeans last week and have tried many things (pretty unsuccessfully!) Any thoughts?

Lindsay said...

Hmmmm, gas. I'll have to check with Mom for that one. I know she had to get lots of that out. I would think the Shout grease remover or Go Joe, but let me ask.

Lindsay said...

Okay, mom says to use Dawn dish detergent on gas stains. Which is probably the same thing as using the Shout Grease stuff. Let us know if you get it out.

Madeira girl said...

Thanks girl! I will go buy some today... I am actually wearing the jeans... smell a bit like a gas station... fun! :)