Monday, January 19, 2009


Seriously?  Are we going to get to use them?

 For all you non-news watchers, Steve Udelson has promised me that indeed tonight, I will get snow!  Glad to know this ridiculously cold weather is good for something!  Well, I guess ridiculous is relative given the fact that it's -22 degrees in Minnesota!!  Anyway, it's supposed to start raining at 4 this afternoon, switch to a wintery mix at 9 tonight and be full snow by midnight and blisfully snow until mid morning tomorrow!  Can you tell I am excited?  And I have two very excited little girls:)  They were so bummed when it started snowing yesterday morning (yes most of you were in church but we have been home battling the stomach bug) and I had to tell them that it wasn't going to stick.  
  Well girls, this one is going to stick!  Steve says 2-5 inches!  I'll take it.  Brings back memories for me.  Does it for you?  My parents have some great hills to sled down.  Have to call mom later today and see if she knows where the sleds are!  And my Dad is an oil man, so we had those huge inner tubes from the truck tires to use.  Ahhh, that was super fun. And 4-wheelers, we would pull each other behind that thing for hours.
  Expect tons of pictures of my snow babies tomorrow:)


Sandy said...

Just let somebody else drive the 4 wheeler. We all know how dangerous it is for you to drive with intertubes behind it. But, if you insist please make sure to watch out for the trees! I think I still have a few knots on my head! Haha!

Lindsay said...

That is SOOOOOOOO funny you brought that up!!!! I almost wrote about how I ran you in to the tree. I was going to say that you haven't been right since:) Ha! Ha!
I'll be sure to stay away! Don't won't to hurt anyone else with my amazing driving skills! You and Grant need to get in the car and get down here. It won't be the same without you!!

James M. Hasty said...

love your new look! and did u go get your bread and milk?