Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a Day!

Update****- Well, the inspection office is closed today.  So, no COs:(  Really this is par for the course for what we have been through.  God is still good and He is still in control.  We will get the COs in his perfect timing and not a moment sooner.
  If we needed a miracle before, we really need one now.  Hopefully they will inspect tomorrow.  They will probably fail and be reinspected hopefully on Friday.  BUT that means it would have to work just beautifully so that the heat and electricity can be turned on before businesses leave for the weekend.  Oh we are close, so close.

It's be so fun teaching Gracie about the inauguration today.  We have a book about the presidents and we went through it and talked about the huge job of the president.  And that God ordains them.  Then to be able to go and watch what you read about-awesome!

What a BIG day today is!  I am currently glued to the TV watching the inauguration coverage.  What a piece of history.


Then there is the snow.  Hmmmm, a slight little dusting.  But it is still snowing at my house so at least we get to enjoy it falling:)  It is beautiful.

Actually it is a blessing that we didn't get the 2-4 inches of snow.  It's a big day around here too.  Today we are getting the CO (certificate of occupancy) inspections on the houses.  It would be a complete miracle for them to pass today, they never pass them the first time.  But we are hopeful they will pass by this weekend so our friends can move in!  Pray for all of us.  We sure would appreciate it.  We have two families to move in this weekend, Lord willing.

Well, I am off to my OB appointment.  Then back home to watch the snow and the inauguration and pray for these houses to get done.
It's a big day indeed.

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Michelle said...

I am praying for the miracle!! Let me know what their response is asap!! :)

Been glued to tv too. Pretty amazing to watch!