Tuesday, August 19, 2008

American Idol

Oh yes we did!  Kim, Lisa, and I went to the American Idol concert Sunday night:)  It was a ton of fun!  We joked that we would act like the teenie boppers beside us were our neices, but there was no need for that.  There were people of all ages cheering on this super talented bunch.  My apologies for the pictures.  They aren't very good. But at least you get the idea;) Kim and I were sad we didn't bring our good cameras.                                                     Kim, Lisa, Me
                             Michael John and David Cook-they were a hoot!  They took these umbrellas from some adoring fans and did a little number.  Totally unplanned.
                                 Michael, Chikeze, Kristy Lee, and Brooke
                   Okay, super blurry-David Cook, Syesha, David Archuletta, and Carly
                 All of them together.  They only sang together once.  That was a bummer for me.
David Archuletta- Lisa's favorite!

The American Idol.....David Cook!!!!  My favorite:)  He is SOOO talented!

Ummmm, if you notice..the pics get a little closer.  Well, that's because Kim and I snuck up to the stage and listened to the last part of the concert from there;)
Michael Johns!!  Kim's favorite.  And he did an awesome job!  I like him too.
See those happy faces:)
This is Carly.  She was really good too!

Such a terrible picture.  It's Syesha.
And Brooke.  Like her too.  She has such a sweet gentle spirit.  And she is definitely a believer.


Michelle said...

Wow, Lindsay, I don't know what to say about this... at least I haven't hopped on a plane to Hawaii to see my favorite Lost set, or tried to fly from Australia to LA and crash on an invisible island (though, upon typing, those ARE good ideas!)... and this does NOT count as any kind of artsy appreciation on your behalf... I clearly need to do better at inspiring a passion for true art into your life!!! :)

Lindsay said...

Michelle, shame on you. How are we friends???? Yes I love LOST but if you can't share my American Idol passion, well I just don't know. AND beautiful voices do happen to be art of the most incredible kind-GOD given pure talent!!! So there!
And I like plays too, so there again. Or is that not artsy enough either??

Michelle said...

Yikes - no need to go all Simon Cowell on me, now. I think someone needs a hug from Paula. :)

Lindsay said...

Ewwwh, Paula??? You are making it worse.

Okay, I have forgiven you and moved on. I am clearly overlooking this "minor" fault in your life:)

I am kidding. I think your comments were pretty hilarious myself. I love you and you make me laugh!!

And aren't you proud that I like plays???

You will be going with me to the next American Idol concert. Yep, that's right!

Anna said...

How cool! I'm glad yo had a blast! Love your new look (the blog and your hair!)

Michelle said...

I will go to an American Idol concert with you when you hang out with me for an entire weekend and we watch ALL 3 Lord of the Rings movies, including the extended DVD version and extra behind the scenes footage and so on! :) They've been on tv again this weekend, and Brian and I faithfully watched them Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. BRILLIANT writing, acting, music, scenery, costumes... as soon as you begin to transform your little housing compound into a shire, and name your next 3 children (all boys of course) Frodo, Aragorn and Legolas, THEN I will accompany you to AI. Don't call me until you have a weekend free :).

Lindsay said...

Ha ha ha!!!! Funny, seems as though you miss me and want to see me tonight. Maybe we can continue this then....

I have watched the Lord of the Rings, all of them. And I do agree that they are good, oh I mean BRILLIANT.

I would be happy to watch them with you:) but finding a weekend? Maybe when we are retired, aka all kids grown and out of the house.

And me three boys? What have you been smoking???Unless you have a direct line to God and you guys have been talking he only sees fit to give the looper family girls. You know my dad, 51 yrs old, is the last boy born into this family! I'm not even going to comment on the number of them. Frodo doesn't sound too back for a girls middle name???