Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Update on Jordan

****Correction*****  I misunderstood, Jess did not get a job with CMS.  So we must pray that God will provide for these expenses another way!  And we know He will.  But as you can imagine, that is the least of our worries.

Hey Friends and  Family,
  The results of the MRI are in.  Jordan has a tumor growing between the two hemispheres of his brain.  They said it has probably been there for a while but has just grown to the point of affecting him.  They will do a needle biopsy as soon as they can.  Probably not today but hopefully this week.  The biopsy will tell them what type of tumor it is and what treatment will be needed.
 They are moving him to a regular room where he will stay until the biopsy.  That is a relief in itself!  The Neuro ICU is a scary place to be. He will rest much better in a regular room.
Jordan is awake and alert.  He is in good spirits mom said.  She said they all had a cry and Jordan told them everything was going to be fine, did they want to play monopoly or something:)
He is on some anti-seizure medicines so hopefully they will keep the seizures at bay.

  When Jordan had the first seizure he fell and hit his shoulder and face.  He is in pain from that so they have given him some pain medicine.  Nothing is broken.

  Thank you for your prayers.  Let's ask God for a miraculous healing for Jordan.
If He chooses to work in another way, please pray for the biopsy results, that they will be favorable for a tumor removal.  We will know so much more once the biopsy takes place.  For now we must wait patiently and trust the Lord for protection over Jordan.

 Also, Jess and Jordan don't have health insurance.  So as you can imagine this is going to be huge.  Jess just started teaching this week so her insurance doesn't kick in for 30 days.  I am hoping that maybe it will still cover this since she teaches, that it won't be considered preexisting since it's a large "company" she works for.  I don't know though.  This is a source of anxiety so please pray that God will provide.  He always does, He is so faithful.

  This song has been playing in my mind all morning...

         When temptation comes to worry about my life
         I will place my hope 
         In the cross of Jesus Christ
         And joy will be my song,
         Yes joy will be my song,
         You are near, near to me
         You calm my anxious thoughts and you bring your peace
         You are near, when I call
         You drown out all my fears and calm this trouble heart
         You're near to me

May Jordan and Jess feel the nearness of our Lord.

If you would like to, you can leave a comment on my blog and I will get it to Jordan and Jess.  All you have to do is click on comments at the bottom of the post, beside where it says "posted by Lindsay"


joy said...

Thank you for the update Lindsay!
My dad's Tuesday morning men's prayer group lifted Jordan up this morning. I have family visiting and we are all praying TOGETHER for Jordan often.
I don't know if JJ is there, but if I need to take care of Jenna's dog or do anything back here in Asheville to help out I would be happy to.
Please let them know we love them.

Shawnda said...

Thanks for the update. Will continue to pray for all!!! May Jesus heal Jordan. Samuel is our prayer warrior, and he will not let us forget to pray for Jordan at least 3 times a day! Keep us updated on the biopsy!

Denise said...

I hope you know I'm praying for Jordan, and his family, and all the harship this is on them, even moreso financially.

Lindsay said...

Tell Samuel thank you sooooo much! What a blessing to our family. I will let you know as soon as we know when the biopsy will be. Love you friend!

Michelle said...

Wow, Lindsay... we will definitely be praying for Jordan, Jess & all these logistics and worries that have come upon them. Please let us know what we can do to serve them - they are still at CMC - how long will they be there? Keep us posted!!!