Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hello my friends and family,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how very much I appreciate your love and prayers this past week.  After talking to Jessica this morning, I am convinced that she needs your love and prayers more than ever.  I feel in my heart that the Lord is using this adversity for the glory of His k

ingdom.  I do not know the outcome, but HE DOES!  Jessica is busy taking great care of her husband and I know that whatever the tests reveal, that will not change.  Please pray for her as she seeks His grace.  

I know without evidence that Jordan is very frightened.  Although he is having headaches, he is in good, optimistic spirits.  Their faith is evident.  The next thing is an appointment with the surgeon, (Dr. Redding), on Tuesday.  Please pray for him as well.  At that time, we expect to find out when the biopsy will be.  

God bless you all!


My Aunt sent this out on Friday.  Sorry for the lack of updates, our internet has been down:(

I did get to go over on Friday and see Jordan and Jess.  They seem to be doing well.  There was a lot of swelling around the tumor site and that has led to headaches for Jordan.  And the swelling is the reason they have waited to schedule the biopsy.  They want the inflammation to subside and give Jordan a break.  Today, Pam said he doesn't have a headache.  That's good news, swelling must be going down.

Please pray for the meeting with the neurologist on Tues.  Can you imagine being 24 and having a brain tumor? And then not getting a good explanation of what to expect??  That is how Jess and Jordan felt at the hospital much of the time.  So let's pray that they get a clear plan and are able to understand what they are going to be dealing with and how to prepare.  Thank goodness that Sue is here too!  (Jordan's mom)  She is a nurse and will be going with them to the Dr.

 God is using this for His glory!  We are at peace and ready to take what He lovingly gives.

  More soon.  Have a Great Labor Day!!

 Oh and sometime this week, once we know when the biopsy is scheduled, we will go pray over Jordan.  If anyone wants to come, you are welcome.  I'll be able to give a date after the Drs appt on Tues.  Even if you can't come, you can get on your knees where you are.  The prayers of the saints availeth much!  

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