Tuesday, September 2, 2008


  It's not good news.  Jordan went to the Dr today and they said the tumor has roots throughout his brain.  This is devastating.  Most likely this means it is cancer, and they haven't given him much hope.  His Dr here wants the best brain surgeon in the country to do his biopsy.  He can't do it for two weeks but they said that wouldn't matter because the tumor is very slow growing.
  I don't know much yet, we are all so heartbroken, it's hard to get words out.  Most likely after the biopsy Jordan will start chemo.  This tumor can't be removed because of all the roots as far as I know.
  Jordan and Jessica are obviously, well what do you even say???  They just got married a year ago.  They do everything together!  They are exhausted.  Jess can't sleep at night for fear that he is going to have another seizure.  Now this.
  Please pray for peace and rest for them and all of us.  Pray for a miracle!!!  We don't know yet that it is definitely cancer but the Dr is pretty convinced it is.  
  More later.
  I do know we serve a God who has allowed this for our good and His glory.  And we can hope in that.
 Jordan and Jess are both believers.  Praise God.

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Anna said...

I am so, so sorry Lindsay. My heart is with you and your family as well as my prayers- while there is still hope and life I will pray for healing!