Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gracie and Piper at school

Finally I am updating about Classical Co-op....Gracie is signing the Declaration of Independence
This is the work they cover each week.  It's a lot!! History, Math, English, Latin, Science, and Geography.
This is Cathy, Gracie's tutor:)  She is great!!
Smiles while doing geography:)
I can't go in Piper's class and take pictures.  She gets really sad when she sees me.  But they do a great job in there.  They have craft time, they learn about a story in the Bible, they play outside, and Pipe's favorite-they snack!

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Michelle said...

these are precious - she seems SO old suddenly to be doing so much school work!! that program looks so great too. i'm glad you found something you're super excited about - that in itself is such a blessing!!