Sunday, September 7, 2008

Classical Conversations

This is one of those posts that I should have written about three weeks ago!

 Anyway, we started school around here! As most of you know, we have chosen to homeschool the girls.  So we started going to a co-op called Classical Conversations.  We go once a week for the morning to learn in a classroom setting.  It is great!!  Gracie is called an Abecedarian and Piper is doing the little preschool.  Each class has a tutor that walks them through all the material.  They learn songs and play games to help them memorize the material.  Then at home I just help Gracie learn what she was taught that week and we review the past weeks.

  The curriculum is  memory based.  The motto of classical conversations is to "Know God and make Him Known."  Amen!  Children have an amazing capacity to memorize.  I can't believe how well Gracie has already done!

 You may be asking why I started school this year since Gracie is only 4 and a half.  Well, a lot of the reason is for Mommy:)  I thought it would be good for me to get some structure established with the girls.  We are taking it quite lightly, school that is.  We don't do it everyday.  And we thought it would be good for the girls to get some learning time with other kids.  It has been great!  We LOVE it!  After the first day Piper said "Mommy, I had fun.  I'm not going to cry anymore."

  Now if you know my little Gracie:)  She has been true to form.  The first week she was less than excited once we got there.  She didn't participate too much.  The second week she participated a little more but still didn't want to do her presentation at the end of class. (Each week they present something to the class- like a family picture).  So this third week she participated pretty much the whole time.  Then, then!  at the end they were reviewing their memory work from the past weeks and she asked if she could sing the song herself!! And she did it!!  "In 1492, Columbus made the first of 4 trips, to the Caribbean on three spanish ships, the Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria."  Way to go Gracie!!  Then she wouldn't do her presentation.  That's my girl:)

  I can't say enough good things about this curriculum!  We are really enjoying it.  I am also enjoying schooling Gracie at home.  It has been really fun watching her learn.  And she is really into it:)  That makes it so much sweeter!  And of course Pipes does school too:)

  I don't have any pictures yet.  I took some with my phone but I can't get them to load onto my computer.

  So, that's what we've been up to.

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Anna said...

It's great to hear how the family is growing and developing! I love homeschooling too! What a grace- filled mom you are- you are such an example to me.