Saturday, September 27, 2008

40 Days for Life- day 4

Found my papers!  So here are the first 4 days' prayers:

They ask that we pray for these things everyday:

1. For the conversion of hearts of all abortionists, abortion providers, all employees, anyone involved in Planned parenthood and anyone else who has to do with abortion or supports it in any way whatsoever, even inadvertently.

2. For the closing of all abortion facilities.  May abortion cease and desist anywhere and everywhere, including hospitals and gynecologists offices, due to the conversion of hearts.

3. For the conversion of hearts of all who are planning to have abortions, either surgical or chemical; for all who are planning to perform abortions, and for all who are planning to participate in abortion in any way, including through support or pressure.

4. For the November election, may the outcome be that which is in accord with God's will, and which best serves the eternal and temporal interests of all His children. 

Then here are the daily requests: 

  The first 10 days focus on prayers for God's mercy:

Day 1- For every sin against life

Day 2- For the sin of abortion

Day 3- For the daily killing of innocent babies

Day 4- (today) For the bloodshed throughout our land

Thank you to all of you who will pray for this!

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