Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Jordan has a caringbridge site up and running.  It's just in the early stages but there is an update there. 
 He will be having another MRI on Oct 1st and then the biopsy on the 3rd.  Now the 3rd is my birthday, so I am praying for the best birthday present ever- a healed Jordan! That there will be no need for the biopsy.

I hope to get some fun posts up tonight!

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Kim <>< said...

I'm praying for your family. . . I'm so glad I checked your blog just to see what was going on in your world! You know, it puts things in perspective and causes me to run to our Savior on your family's behalf. I'm sure you are a source of hope and joy as you continue to point them to Jesus thru this hard time. I love you and will continue to follow your blog to see how Jordan is doing.
Love you!