Monday, September 15, 2008


Hey All,
  I would appreciate your prayers once again:)  This time for me.  I had an allergy elimination treatment today for my migraines. (This is from my naturopathic guy in Gastonia.)  It was a treatment for hormones.  I have one more treatment to go and then we are pretty much at the end of our rope.
  So please pray that this treatment I received today will cure these stinkin migraines!!
  The results should be pretty immediate if it took.  If not I will repeat it again next week.
  Then the very last vials are from the fertility drugs I took to get pregnant both times.  I will do that next week and then I will be done with what they have up their sleeve.

  While it would be quite discouraging for these NAETs not to work, I know God is in control and He will work this for my good.  He is calling me to persevere and trust Him right now.


Shawnda said...

Oh dear sister! Praying!!!!!! May the Lord fully relieve you of the migraines, healing your body for His glory and your joy!!!!

Denise said...

I will too pray that the Lord will heal the migraines with this method... I cannot imagine living with migraines and I would love to see the Lord use this to heal your body.

Lindsay said...

Thank you sweet friends!

Kelly said...

Are the migraines any better now? I am praying for you.

3orange1blonde said...

I will pray that you can find the right

JJandFive said...

Need an update.