Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Happy 32nd Birthday Jeremy!  Your girls and I are so grateful to celebrate this special day with you!  You mean so much to us.When we longed for children of our own and throughout my pregnancy with Gracie, I had high hopes of the Dad you would be.  But boy did you exceed any expectations I had!  You are an incredible Dad, my love.  The best I've ever seen!

I love these two pictures, the first time you held each of your girls in your arms.  The twinkle in your eye, the tear on your cheek, the smile on your face.  They just warm my heart. Memories flood my mind of those precious moments meeting each of them.  What would life be like as God grew our family?  How would we care for them?
You have cared for them (and me!) so very well.  Your parenting is one of the things I most admire and respect about you.  Your girls adore you!  It's always an adjustment on Monday morning when the girls wake up and realize you are at work.  They are so sad.  And they eagerly anticipate hearing your tires on the gravel and Reilly's bark, telling them that you are home.  

You are so gentle with the girls.  Where I am weak in parenting (which is most areas) you are so strong.  Being patient and gentle are two of those areas. I can't thank you enough for the way you train the girls.  "A soft answer turns away wrath." You do this so well. Rarely do you raise your voice with the girls. And they respond to this so much better! You are stern with them yet show them much mercy. You are so patient with them when they are learning how to obey and you are patient even when they are being turkeys:)

I love how you look at them. How you want to put them to bed so you can pay with them and just talk and hear about their day. I love how you encourage them to do their best and obey.  I love how you hold them and let them know how much you care for them.  I love how you let them "work" with you out back.  I hope you know how much they treasure that time with you!  They look forward to it all week.
Thank you for blessing us in so many ways!  For date nights with me, dates with the girls, family times, flowers you bring home.  The girls notice all of these things babe.  They can't go by the waffle house without talking about dates with Daddy there.  Or by Bruester's without talking about jammy runs.  What a legacy you are making for these sweet little ones.
I thank God for you Buddy!  Today and everyday:)  You are a dear husband and father.  You are the icing on my cake, the cream in my coffee, the cherry on my sundae....I love you!!!

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PJ said...

Happy birthday old man! Glad to hear your wife's testimony of God's grace at work through your Christ like love and leadership of your family. I respect you my friend.