Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This is from Jordan's mom, written like a true nurse.  So neatly organized:)

Dear Friends and Family,

Jordan's consultation happened yesterday:  The tumor they found is more than likely malignant.  He will have a definitive answer after biopsy.  Fortunately, Jordan's neurosurgeon is the best in the southeast, but unfortunately he is involved in speaking for a national convention over the next two weeks and won't be available to do the biopsy until the end of the month.  Because the tumor is low grade (slow-growing) and Jordan's seizures are under control we opted to wait for Dr. Ashton instead of  having another doctor do the biopsy.

Treatment after biopsy:  chemo and possible radiation without surgery as this glioma's growth has finger-like elements that are growing into the brain tissue.  The location of the tumor is in the part of the brain that is responsible for movement on one side of the body.  Surgical excision is probably too risky.

What this means:  At this point, Jordan cannot be left alone, he cannot drive and he cannot continue working his current job as it requires him to drive and cannot have anyone drive him d/t the confidential nature of his job.  Jordan is my athlete and fitness/sports/and physical activity have always been a huge part of his life (his plans are to coach track and basketball as well as teach history).  He cannot do anything right now that will cause him to overheat or jar this tumor.  He can continue to attend school at least until the biopsy (he has one semester left).  Jessica needs to continue to work, so I need to stay and help out probably for the next three months.  I will need to find temporary employment (night shift) here in Charlotte to help them pay rent and continue to pay my bills.

What to pray for:  As an experienced cancer nurse, I know how important it is to keep a possitive attitude.  So pray for courage and lots of happy moments full of laughter.  Pray that Jordan's frustration with this new sedentary lifestyle will be kept in check.  We can still pray that the tumor is benign despite the probability that it is malignant. Jordan will need an adjustment in his work arrangement so he can continue to work as much as possible.  I need to find work and need to keep my job in Denver so I can return to it when I am no longer needed here.  Pray that Dr. Ashton will be on top of his game when the biopsy is performed.  Pray that treatment will be tolerated well. Pray that we have the optimum outcome after treatment. Pray that God will continue to keep Jordan safe and that treatment will be tolerable.  Continue to pray that Jordan and Jessica and our entire family will experience the presence of God during this time and we will find meaning in this trial. 

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Shawnda said...

Oh sister, we are praying for Jordan and his family!!! What a great mom to come here, work, and help pay for rent and bils!!!! Praise God!!!