Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Mimi

Our Beloved Mimi turned 80 today!!  God has given us quite a gift in this woman!
It was a delight to celebrate her birthday as a family and just spend time together.  That is what she wanted:)  Here we are singing to her.
She got them all in one swoop!  Still got it going on:)
Mimi and Chelsea and April-my cousins, then my girls and Maddie and Bridgett, our third cousins.

  Mimi we praise God for you.  Your gentle and meek spirit spurs me on!  Thank you for how you desire to care for my girls and Tristen and Bella so tenderly.  It is so fun seeing how much you enjoy watching them.  
   I love spending time with you and hearing about how you raised 5 kids and loved Grandy so much. Your example is humbling.  Thank you for truly valuing what is important to God instead of material things.  And thank you for the way you give to and serve others.  You amaze me!

           LOVE YOU!

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