Thursday, September 4, 2008


 The Purple Haze
I wanted to give this lady a little heck about this shirt.  She turned around and the front says Daughter VT, Mom ECU.  So then I let her off the hook.  But she told the only other Hokie fan near us that she wasn't feeling it for the Hokies that day.  So then I knew us pirates were going to be just fine:)  And of course we all high fived when they did something great.
Let's Go Pirates.....Let's Go Pirates.....
  Ooooohhhh, so fun to be there!!
Let's Go boys!!! First play...
  Buddy and I:)
  Petey the Pirate (Which is why our first dog's name was Petey:))

It's time for a happy post around here!

 Some of you may not know that I really like sports.  Especially Pirate football!!  Jeremy and I are ECU alumni.  Oh the memories of going to the football games and cheering on our pirates!  Tailgating, wearing that purple and gold, singing the fight songs, the list goes on and on.

Since we left Greenville I have asked every year to go to a game. But it's far away, about 4 hrs to our beloved alma mater.  Well, the pirates came to Charlotte last weekend to play VT.  And Jeremy surprised me!!  It was SO much fun to be there!  Seeing the purple haze when the boys come on the field.  Seeing all the purple and gold.  Being with the rowdy Pirate fans.  Oooohhhh it's just great! 

I had quite the sore throat after that game!  We were on our feet cheering for the whole thing.  It was a great game, always sweeter when you win:)  The Pirates pulled it out 22 to 27 at the end.  True Pirate style.  Keeps it interesting:)

Buddy, thank you sooooo much for taking me to the game!  I had a ball hanging out with you and giving high fives when our boys did something exciting!  Can't wait to take the girls:)

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