Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Planned Parenthood

Most of you are probably aware of the horrible organization known as planned parenthood.  If not, here is some information about them below.... 

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion chain in
    America and has killed more than 3 million innocent
    children at its facilities

 >> Planned Parenthood's top goal for the next 25 years is to
    push its agenda of promiscuous sex everywhere in our

 >> Planned Parenthood puts minors on birth control without
    parents' knowledge or involvement

 >> Planned Parenthood has demonstrated a willingness to cover
    up for rapists and child predators

 >> Planned Parenthood pushes pornography onto children with
    shocking and offensive websites, books, and literature

 >> Planned Parenthood is openly hostile to Christianity, and
    regularly mocks people of faith

 >> Planned Parenthood hurts women with misleading and
    dishonest medical information

And Planned Parenthood does all of this with over $265 million
dollars a year of your tax money!

Signing the www.StopPlannedParenthoodTaxFunding.com petition
is your first step toward ending the organization's reign of
death in America.

In the coming days we will keep you informed with breaking news
and updates, and let you know simple steps you can take to have
an even greater impact in this process.

People from all across America are uniting together in this
historic effort... and together we WILL make a difference.

Please consider signing this petition! Can you believe our money pays for the murdering of children and all this other stuff?!


Michelle said...

Those are sobering facts.... thanks for posting. Love the new look btw!!

Shawnda said...

ahhhhh! I love what you did w/ your site! So sweet! Thanks for sharing this sister! PP is EVIL, and the word needs to get out b/c so many people don't know!! Signed! : )