Saturday, August 2, 2008


 My mom handed this to me a few weeks ago.  What's this I asked?  She said it's Piper's hair, from her first haircut while you were in Colorado.  Well, it wasn't her first haircut, just the first one she has given HERSELF!
 It's not worth taking after pictures of her head.  She just nicked the back and pics won't show it well:)  

Pray for Pipes.  She is not feeling well.  She has a little virus with a terribly sore and blistered throat:(  She hasn't had a fever today, so supposedly she is not contagious after 24 hours of no fever.  We are going on vacation tomorrow with our friends the Scurlock's and the Lucas' and we wouldn't want any of them to get sick.  Pray for protection for them!
  And Yes, I am going away again!  I know, it's crazy!  Jeremy gets to go this time so we are really excited to get to spend the week with him.  We don't get to see much of him these days.

  We will have internet access this time, so you might get a post or two:)

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