Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The first few days...

We spent a lot of our time just hanging out at the house.  Here Jackson, Gracie and Piper are having fun in the sand.

There was lots of Wii play too.  The men even got some new toys and games to add to their collections.  It's SO fun that all ages can play.
Sammy got some time on the big equipment in the back yard.
I am so sad I missed pictures of Jackson and Gracie on the jeep.  They were hilarious!  
Jackson: "I am going to a wedding Gracie, do you want to come with me?  I'll be gone for a few             days."
Gracie: "Yeah, I'll go with you."
And off they ride in to the sunset:))

Lisa was talking to Jackson about something but he couldn't even stand still because he was afraid he was going to miss Gracie.  She was coming to pick him up at 10:))

Piper's new thing on vacation:  "No call me Piper"  
Mom: "So what do you want us to call you?"
Piper: "No call me Piper."
Mom: "Okay, we'll call you Boseefus"
And she was fine with that.  Until we went to Nanny's last night and she said "No call me Piper" Well, what do you want to be called? "Call me Piper Heyane (Helene)"

Ahhh I love them!  They are so funny:)

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