Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Abbie and Erik's Wedding

Whew! The wedding week has come to a close! It was such a fun time:)
My youngest sister Abbie got married this past Saturday.

This is the wedding party at the bridal luncheon....

The flower girls...
Abbie and Erik at the Rehearsal Dinner....

The BIG Day! We started off at the salon....
Mother of the Bride getting her hair all pretty...

Pipey getting her hair all pretty:)

Before the ceremony, My sisters:)

Beautiful Bride
Ab gave Dad a picture of her in her wedding dress swinging a ball bat. We all had a good cry and vowed not to cry again for the rest of the day:) I think we made it!

Daddy and his little flower girls...
Hmmm, I didn't upload the best one, but here are the Bergmans:)
Gracie and Tristen with our cousins Brigett and Maddie
Crazy Jessi is in the background. She is SO funny! She taught the girls to put their hands on their hip and say "Fabulous"
These little ones danced the night away!
Rob and Debbie are the matchmakers:) Rob is Erik's best friend and Debbie is Ab's best friend.

Lauren and I doing our toast to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Father Daughter Dance to "You'll always be my little girl" by Tim McGraw
....Or so we thought! You gotta admit, watching all those slow dances is boring:) Dad and Ab surprised us all by breaking out in an evolution dance! They did The Twist...

And Thriller (hate I don't have that picture) all the way to Baby Got Back.
It was soooo cute!
Piper conked out about 10 for a little while...
Sleep Baby Sleep
Off they go!

Congratulations Ab and E!!

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