Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Toast to Abbie

Laughter filled our home growing up, and a large part of that was due to Abbie! So we had to do a funny toast to honor her on her wedding day:)

Here are the lyrics:

Now this is a story all about how
Our lives got flipped turned upside down
We'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
We'll tell you about being sisters of Abbie Looper

In Charlotte, NC she was born and raised
On momma's lap is where she spent most of her days
Suckin her thumb out by the pool
And sportin a bowl cut, she thought she was cool
Abbie is a humorous one
Making mom pee until the day is done
Giving doogers is her thing
You better watch out Ab you might lose your ring

She was at the ballfield day after day
Catching balls and running bases, she sure can play
Rec league, high school, and college ball too
Our 4'11'' sister. whoop-ti-do

College diplomas and masters degrees
Teaching for her seems like a breeze
Her kids all love her and that's a fact
But her true love her life did lack

Thanks to Rob and Debbie a blind date was set
Tubing in the mountains is where they met
But poor Erik lived two states away
Whooped he'd get and move here to stay

At 131 Main she got no dessert
Cause he was so nervous with a ring in his shirt
She said, "Yes!, without a doubt"
She found her true love we wanted to shout!

We love you dear Abbie, our memories we'll cherish
But the name brat girl will not soon perish
You're a beautiful girl, we'd say that you're rare
And for you, our sister we really do care

Marriage takes work but there's joy all the same
May life be long and happy, be on your "A"game
We'll always be here for the both of you
You're family and friends, we'll be faithful and true

Have fun in Jamaica and make us a NEPHEW!


Justine said...

hahaha. so cute! i especially love the end "i've been listenin to that for 2 weeks!" lol!!


The Houser Family said...

That was fabulous!!! I was laughing so hard! What a cute idea! I miss you girls! Love you, Erin

Dana said...

The video worked for me. How cute is that toast!