Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Things

There's lots of randomness in this post!

Here are our braids! It took FOUR hours to get this done!

It's soooo easy to maintain.
The locals seem to like it. They tell us we look "smart." Which means nice. Although we have no idea if they're talking junk about us in Lugandan:)

A few nights ago, we took some teen girls out to dinner from a nearby orphanage. It was so neat to be able to treat them to a meal and girl time. They talked and talked and ate and ate:) These girls held on to us the whole night and did not let go! They were precious. Today some of the girls from our guesthouse (where we are staying) went down to the orphanage again. Alexa, my buddy the other night, sent me this note....

She gave me a Ugandan name that means hope. How humbling. She says I remind her of her mom. That was a huge compliment. Her mom is unable to take care of her so she is at this great place where she can go to school and be well cared for.

Here is what a Boda boda ride is really like...

Yes, they weave in and out of cars like this constantly.
Told you it was the fastest way around:)

At the BH (Babies Home), there is a guesthouse we are staying in. And we stay with all of these fun people!
Meet Jennifer, Annika, Lauren, Angela, Kim, Erica, and Nate. Poor Nate, the only man in the group. All of these people are volunteering at the BH! There is a Brit, an Aussie and the rest of us are americans. It's been really neat getting to know them. They serve so selflessly! Giving up their summer breaks to come here and love on these babies.

This is the way we wash our clothes, wash our clothes, wash our clothes, this is the way we wash our clothes so early in the morning...

We are headed out in the morning for a safari!! I can't wait!! We'll be back Sunday, so more posts to come for sure!

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