Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well, I am here safe and sound. It was a sweet reunion with K at the airport:) And MR is precious!!!!!

Before I left I had a day and a half with my sweet husband. Ron and Wanda took the girls home with them. It was so nice to just be with Jeremy before I left. Just hanging out and talking. Then I was able to have dinner with my family the night before I left. It was great to hug them all:)

Day 1: Airport Day
We got up super early and left for the airport. I started getting sad once we were in line for the first security check. When we said goodbye of course we both cried. The security guy asked me if I needed tissue:) sweet man. I made it to my gate and then I texted J and told him how much I loved him and thanked him for taking such good care of me. Then he sends me this text, "I love you and have missed you already. I watched you and took pictures of you until security told me to leave. I am trusting God to protect you my love!" Isn't he the BEST???
I flew to Dulles in DC and then to Ehtiopia. It was a 15 hr flight with one stop in Rome. Unfortunately it was dark so I couldn't see anything. I had the whole row of seats to myself! So I was able to rest and be comfy.

Day 2: Airport and Landing!
I finished my last leg of the looooong flight and met K at the airport!! We took a taxi to the orphanage and she showed me around. Then I got to meet MR and spend time in class with her and the other kids. It was fun and chaotic! After we got all the kids fed and in bed, we had dinner and then I passed out! (Not really passed out, just went to sleep, just to clarify before someone freaks out:))

Day 3: Babies Home and in the City
This morning we went over and helped in class for the morning. We did activities and had worship to an african drum! That was really awesome! Then we fed and changed them all for naps. Then K and I went out to the city for lunch, money exchange, and to the attorney's office.

I am doing well and loving being here with the kids! And of course, with K:) These kids are precious I tell ya! They have such JOY.

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JJandFive said...

So glad you are there safe and sound. I'm sure you are a breath of fresh air to Kim. Your selfless care and love for her challenges me to be a better friend. Love you, Lindsay!