Monday, July 26, 2010


Yesterday we went to the slums to give out deworming tablets. As you can imagine, these kids are very undernourished and full of parasites. And the parasites keep them really anemic, so they get deworming tablets every few months from a lady that lives in California.

Here is a picture of the slums from the outside. It was pouring rain when we left...
Look at these precious faces. These are the faces of poverty, people.
Kim and I handing out meds...
Cutie pie Jennifer handed out the tablet
I handed them a sweet (what they call candy), and Kim marked their face so we made sure everyone got their med.
They danced and sang until we were finished. I wish you could hear these african drums and them singing, "I love you Jesus deep down in my heart..."
This school is where we handed out the meds
Do you see the walls? This is some of their work they memorize. And school is not free here, anywhere. So if your parents can't pay, you don't go. period.

Then we took a walk through the slums. Wow.

This is a trash heap. They just pile it all up and then burn it.
Look at all these sweet ones. They LOVE Mzungus! And they love it even more when we take their picture and then turn the camera around so they can see themselves. They just cheer and cheer. I wish I had a portable printer so I could print the pictures for them

These kids are so loving. They just come up to us and grab our hands and latch on until we have to leave. What an impression they leave on me.

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