Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall is finally here!

Well, it's been a busy last few days. Don't you just love this weather? Jeans and a t-shirt is my favorite!
If any of you were wondering, cumkin is what Gracie calls Pumpkin:)
In reference to the pictures below. Okay, Piper is almost 19 months, but at least I got them done, right? I can't fail the second child. That's not supposed to start till the third at least! I decided to try and be smart and post what I wanted to say as the last post instead of the first so it would make more sense:) So the past few posts were all the pictures from our adventure at portrait innovations. She did pretty good but usually she hams it up for them. Meemaw likes to get her pic made with all the little ones on their first birthday. Yeah we are a little behind. She is the third great grandchild. Guess that explains it! And Gracie really wanted to get her picture made with Piper too. And I am a sucker so of course I let her. So enjoy!
A sweet moment: I have been struggling the end of this week with anger, even more than usual. So yesterday when Gracie and I were doing our quiet time I asked her if she would pray for me. She said sure and it went something like this, "Dears Word (Lord), Please help my mommy not be angry today. Help her not be selfish and help her be kind and not angry. Amen" Man she knows that one of the roots of my anger is selfishness without me even asking her to pray for that. Thank you Lord!
Have a great weekend everybody!

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