Friday, October 12, 2007

Please Pray

This is a busy posting day!
I have been reminded this week that often what I think are challenges are nothing compared to what others around me are going through. And often I react so foolishly to my circumstances. A friend and I were ministering to another friend who is going through some major challenges in her daily life as a wife and mom and we just looked at each other after we left and said "We are fools for the way we react and treat our spouses."
Here are two more that you can pray for if you think of it...
Lori, pregnant with twins and having a very rough pregnancy is in the hospital for further monitoring. She is doing fine today, just bored. Her blood pressure was a little up so they put her in. I can update those of you who would like, just give me a call. But Praise God- she is 30 weeks!!!! Miracle! They weren't sure she would even make it to 24 weeks.
Then, Joy. She is pregnant with her first baby and has been in the hospital for quite some time. She started bleeding really bad. Diagnosis-placenta previa, where the placenta covers the cervix. But it got worse from there. Now she has placenta increta, her placenta has grown through her uterus and attached to other organs. The latest MRI yesterday showed that there are some major blood vessels attached as well to the organs. So at first they were concerned about her losing her uterus but now they are concerned about her losing her life! The baby will be fine but mommy may not.
Yet both of these women have exhibited extroardinary courage and steadfast trust in the Lord. What incredible examples they have been for all of us.
Please pray for all three of these women. My, one day we will no longer suffer, our precious King is coming!!

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