Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Jenna, Tristen, and Gracie

The wedding party

Sorry it has been a while since I posted. We have been busy around here with the wedding! It was sooooo much fun and sooooo very beautiful. It was in Asheville at this adorable place called The Farm. I think it's the most beautiful wedding site I have ever seen. And Lauren and I had a blast taking the pictures. But I need to clear something up... I am in no way a photographer:) I just love taking pictures and my sister has a great camera. And my sweet friend Ryan loaned me hers for the weekend. Thank you again friend!! After the wedding I told my sister I think I missed my calling! I am just kidding of course but I really enjoyed taking the pics. Sooo, here are a few.. We took 1300 of them. Yes I said 1300!!! But we were there the whole weekend, so we got everything from the bridal luncheon, to the rehearsal, to the ceremony. And it is my cousin:) Congratulations Jenna and JJ!!
I am having trouble posting pics right now, so I will get them out soon!

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