Thursday, October 25, 2007

This week

Gracie had a 24 hour bug on Mon and Tues so we are laying low this week. What do we do when we have to stay in? Well, we have manicures and pedicures, bake pumpkin muffins, watch the rain, watch videos, color, play play-doh, and clean. We have gotten alot done around here:)
Please pray that none of the rest of us get it. My cousin Jenna is getting married this weekend and Gracie and Tristen are in the wedding and Lauren and I are the photographers. Poor Lauren started throwing up yesterday but she is feeling better today. Pray for protection for the rest of us. Thank you!
There were some miracles that happened while I was on vacation that I forgot to update you about. Lori and Joy both had their babies on the same day! That is way cool God, all those miracles all at once. First, Joy was the one who I told you had the placenta issues where they placenta grew outside of her uterus and attached to her organs. There weren't sure she would even survive the surgery. Well she did! God was so kind to sustain her life. She had a rough delivery though. They put balloons in her arteries to help stop the bleeding but she still ended up receiving 6 pints of blood and 2 units of plasma! That's half the blood in her body that she lost. Wow! Ansley, their daughter is wonderful:)
Now Lori delivered Addison Grace and Jesse Faith that evening by C-section. She wasn't feeling well and knew something wasn't right. They did an ultrasound and decided that Baby Jesse needed to come out. So here they all are!! The babies are in the NICU and doing exceptionally well according to the Drs. They were 3.5 and 2.5 pounds. Please pray for Addie's lung. She has a spot that they think is nonfunctioning and they will have to remove it through surgery if that is the case. Lori is doing really well. I can tell God is holding her tightly. She has had a rough recovery but is doing better and better each day.
Praise the Lord!!


Madeira girl said...

Lindsay, it sounds like you have done a great job as mother this week. keep it up! I will pray that the sickness goes no further. I know how that can be!:)

Shawnda said...

So glad Gracie is doing better, and I've been praying that nobody else gets it!!! I didn't know you did photography! Very fun!!!! And a wedding at that! Fun, fun, fun!!!!

I also didn't realize that Lori had her babies!!!!!!!! Praying for Addison!! Was she the 2.5 pounder?