Monday, October 8, 2007

My one thing

I'm back and my computer is back too! And guess what?? I have the sweetest hubby in the whole world!! He gave me another surprise party on Sat night! How many can one girl get? This time it was my whole family. Sorry, no pics, I had a migraine and spent some of the party in bed. But God was kind, as always and healed the headache. So we hung out and ate yummy food. And of course had yummy cake, chocolate on chocolate. I have gained 20 lbs from my birthday alone!!
Thank you Jeremy for all you did to make my birthday so special!!
Also, I am still getting scrapbook pages! Thank you so much. I love each and every one of them. The pictures are so fun! You guys have some I have never seen before and they are soooo good. If I don't have a pic with you we need to get one so I can put it on your page. That way when we are old and gray, okay that's not very long from now, we can remember what we were like when I was 28:) Yes I already have several gray hairs.
Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about is my "one thing." Each year I study a particular sin issue in my life. Something Jeremy and I both think I need to grow in. So around my birthday we start really praying about what that one thing should be. It is a grueling process! There are so many things to pick from. But this year I think we have a great one that has needed some work for a long time. So I am by God's grace, going to work on growing in humility by loving and serving Jeremy better. As soon as we decided my mind was filled with thoughts of "I'm never going to be able to do this..." Lots of lies that satan was trying to feed me so that I would be discouraged from the outset. But God was kind to remind me that He is the one who will change me. He will give me new mercy everyday to fight this battle of sin in my life. So if you think about it pray for me as I grow in serving Jeremy better by being humble and loving. And feel free to ask me how I am doing with it.
I read this quote in "When Sinners Say I Do" Whew it's a good one... "Have you ever considered why there are no accounts of Jesus slamming a door in angry frustration of inflicting the "silent treatment" on someone who hurt him? Why didn't Jesus get irritated or bitter or hostile? The simple but astounding answer is that when his engine was heated by circumstances, what was in his heart came out: love, mercy, compassion, kindness." I told you it was a good one! Lord, please change my heart so that is what overflows from me!!

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Madeira girl said...

That is a wonderful idea and example. I love the idea of one thing to work on. I am going to say my one thing is anger this year. I was praying just yesterday that the Lord would take His sword and cut it out of my heart! I will ask you how you are doing, and please, do the same for me!