Monday, October 1, 2007


Wow everybody!! Wednesday is my 28th Birthday. But my sweet hubby decided to start celebrating early. Sunday night he told me to get ready that he and Gracie were taking me out to the Outback for my birthday (my fav restaurant). So we were sitting there eating cheese fries (another fav of mine) when he said, "I have one more surprise but you have to walk with me." So we went all the way around the restaurant to the other side and there sat my precious friends!! What a treat for me. Then to top it off he gave me my gift to open. It was a scrapbook. I am still learning all the details but apparently he had tons of my family and girlfriends each make a scrapbook page and write me a note. He had Martina and Lauren collect them and they made me an absolutely awesome scrapbook! I think many of the girls went over to Martina's one night to work on the book. Thanks girls! There are so many priceless notes and pictures in there. Even from friends who live far away. Thank you so much to all of you!

Jeremy, honey, you outdid yourself. What a blessing you are to me. Thank you for orchestrating all of this. You worked so hard to make this happen. Even down to talking to several managers at the Outback. Thank you for contacting all my buddies to bless me in such a huge way. You didn't leave out one single detail. You even thought to have Gracie stay. How sweet:) I do not deserve your love and care.

To all my family and girlfriends, Girls, what can I say? Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedules and time away from your families to bless me by making such priceless scrapbook pages for me. I so appreciate it. I will cherish them forever. Thank you for bearing with me. I do not deserve your friendships. (Sorry fam that you had to put up with me, no choice for you:)) And for all of you who made it to dinner, thank you again!! I really enjoyed our time together to catch up! Not to mention it was fun to eat thunder down unders with you:) And once again you took time out to bless me.

So thank you, thank you, thank you to ALL of you! What a precious birthday that I will never forget! You are such and encouragement to me. To even think that God allow me so many wonderful realtionships is humbling. I plan to thank each of you individually but I wanted to say thank you now too!


Wagener family fun said...

Happy Birthday!! You will treasure this moment forever to honestly see how blessed you are with Godly women all around you is the best present of all.

Debbie said...

Lindsay, again we hope you have a wonderful birthday. Glad to hear that Jeremy was able to pull this over and really surprise you. As a scrapbooker to another, you know we don't have very many pages on ourselves, so this is extra special just for you to be able to look back at now and for years to come. Enjoy every single page.
Lots of Love,
The Bragg family :)

JJandFive said...

I'm working on your page right now! Better late than never, eh? : ) Sorry I couldn't make it... I was a bit occupied with John's ordination : ) (I'm sure you understand!)
Love you, and hope you had a great time!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!! Hope you are enjoying the WHOLE WEEK!

Erika said...

Hey Lindsay!!

II would have liked to be there to celebrate with you girls. It looked like you had a blessed B'day!!

Happy Birthday!

The Blackburn Crew said...

Happy Birthday!