Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Everyday, and the not so everyday

Everyday I feed the kids lunch. You know the routine. What would you like for lunch? They answer and you get busy making it. Today I decided to give the girls yogurt. I don't give it to them often, I am sure you can see why.... Piper will have nothing of me feeding it to her so it gets everywhere! I am not sure the pics even do it justice. And she wants two cartons of yogurt, not just one. And yes, she eats all of both. But half of a carton is on her bib. Then once she is done she makes a face mask out of it. I am sure that is good for your skin. So straight from the table to the bath...

The not so everyday happened yesterday though. I took Gracie to the Dr cause I thought she was getting a UTI. False alarm though, thankfully. I asked Lauren if she would keep Piper since I wasn't sure how it would go getting a urine sample from Gracie:) As we were waiting I thought, "This sure is easier with an almost four year old. She sits and waits patiently on the Dr!) Then Gracie and I had the greatest conversation while we were waiting. She was asking me about Heaven and what it would be like if I went there. I told her if I went there she wouldn't ever see me again, that is unless she became a believer. She said "Is heaven far?" So I was able to share the gospel with her! Then she was quickly off talking about all the paintings on the walls. But I was grateful for the chance to plant that seed. Thank you Lord. These are the things I wished happened everyday! They could happen more if I was more purposeful and asked God for these tender moments.

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Madeira girl said...

Good job using you time wisely with Gracie! What a wonderful conversation to have. It will plant seeds, as you have mentioned. Well done, good and faithful servant!