Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Update On Health

Gotta post quickly, it's bedtime! Gotta be able to get up and sit at Jesus' feet:)
I went to the neurologist again today and it went well. She is having me try one other natural medicine to stop the migraines before moving to a daily preventative. That was encouraging. And she had talked to me before about how taking too much Imitrex (what I take when I actually get a migraine) can give me more headaches. So when I asked her about that she decided to take me off the Imitrex and put me on another med to take once the migraines hit. One that will not allow rebound headaches because it stays in your system longer. So other than that she told me to hang in there. I go back in two months.
Also, I had a long talk with Dr Hager on Friday and he and his wife are supposed to be really diligent with trying to figure out my headaches over the next few weeks. I told him something has to change! There is some new research out so we are looking in to that. I go to him on Friday.
Hopefully the migraines will stop soon. But if they don't may the Lord give me strength and joy in the midst of these circumstances! I will be sitting at His feet alot:) Good night.

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meghann said...

hey girl! thanks for the update! you have been such an example to me of being cheerful and trusting in the lord's strength during this ongoing trial! i think of you a lot when i'm tempted to complain about certain areas of pain in my body. I truely have to meditate on the truth that certain trials are''hand picked'' from the lord for my good! He has given you much grace and will continue to do so! thanks for your friendship....and example!