Monday, September 17, 2007

As for me and my house...

Joshua says... "Choose this day whom you will serve.... But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." As I was praying this morning, the Lord placed this verse on my heart. So I sat down to ponder it for my devotion. What does that really look like these days Lord? Not even 30 seconds after I opened my Bible to actually look at the verse in Joshua, Piper was screaming in her bed for the third time since 6 am! So off I went to console her. I got a moment of cuddle time in the rocking chair and then it was apparent she was up for good. So I came down the steps with her and here stands Gracie. So, both kids up, an hour early!! The morning progressed and not smoothly. The girls were complaining, disobeying, etc... But I was able to ponder how the Lord would have my house serve Him. I started singing to Piper and Gracie, the gospel song. They were really into it. (I am certain it wasn't anything to do with my angelic voice) Then I asked them if we could pray. I knew in order to serve the Lord today I was going to need His help.
Obviously serving the Lord today was not about having a long quiet time. It was about approaching the throne of grace as I went about the day. It was caring for my family by giving them clean clothes and taking the girls outside to play on this gorgeous day. It is about gently correcting them when they disobey and pleading with the Lord to help me with my anger. And this afternoon and evening, I have confidence that the Lord will show me how to continue helping my house serve the Lord.
The people answered Joshua, "Far be it from us that we should forsake the Lord to serve other gods, for it is the Lord our God who brought us and our fathers up from the land of Egypt.." Amen brothers, Amen

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Anonymous said...

Excellent Lindsay!!! Thank the Lord for His grace and the ability to remember to call on Him in your weakness! I remember when I started trying to get up earlier than never failed, she would get up too! That was when I started to teach her about staying in her bed and "reading" her bible until mommy called. Then she could come to our bed for some snuggle time and reading! BUT, the best part of your post, is just your remembering WHO you are serving and to rest in that and to do exactly the things that you did today! Yea for today! And tomorrow those mercies are all new again! Isn't God good? Robin M