Monday, September 10, 2007

Sitting at Jesus' Feet

Do you sit there often? I mean, really. Do you sit at Jesus' feet often? I know I have struggled with this more than ever before since my second little one was born. She is 18 months old now and I am still not adjusted. Sound familiar? I am letting circumstances get in my way of having time with my Jesus. I have been passionate about my devotion to the Lord since my conversion. Quiet times were just natural for me by God's grace. I loved this time with Him and had it very consistently. That is until Piper came along, and alot of health issues. But that isn't good enough for me. I don't want to let my circumstances get in the way any longer. I want to have my passion back. The past few weeks have been much better by God's grace! I love meeting with the Lord, especially in the morning. Want to hear something precious? Gracie has been getting up a little earlier than usual and she has been doing her "QT" with me. She gets her bible and journal and sits right with me quietly. It is my most favorite time of the day. When I put her to bed at night she says, "Mommy, you'll be up in the morning?" Talk about accountability!! But I also find that I need to sit at Jesus' feet throughout the day. The days are tough at home with two little ones and I really struggle with anger. So I must be at Jesus' feet confessing and praying all day long.
I read this today- Jesus is talking to Mary and Martha and Martha is upset Mary isn't helping her. "He addressed her: "Martha, Martha, are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken from her" "Jesus reminded Martha that Mary had made a choice to cultivate her realtionship with the Master." Good stuff, huh? I only need one thing. Why do I think sleep or my to do list are more important that sittin at Jesus' feet. Lord, help me to choose You.
May we all be encouraged to sit with Mary, at Jesus' feet.


Anonymous said...

Lindsey...that is great! We all need encouragement to sit at Jesus times it is easier than others. I remember when Chelsey was little, the only time I could get my quiet time was when she was in her high chair eating breakfast. So I would read it out loud to her and we had quiet time together. When she was about 2, I was able to do my quiet time before I got out of bed. She quickly learned that she could do that too, and would get her Toddler Bible and sit in her bed and do her quiet time. Praise the Lord, she still does her quiet time first thing in the mornings now. You are at the beginning of a significant time in your girls lives. If they emulate this, praise God! Be encouraged....every minute that we get to sit at Jesus' feet is a true blessing! Robin M

Wagener family fun said...

I too have been having issues with this. I decided last week to leave the TV off during the day and play praise music throughout the day. This has encouraged me to sit at Jesus' feet throughout my day no matter what I am doing I have the sound of praise playing softly in the background. This morning while I was having my quiet time I read the scripture James 1:19-20 and I wrote it on my window in the kitchen. I too have battles with being quick to anger and this scripture really helped especially when all of my children came rushing through the door I pointed the scripture out to them and they too were convicted and worked the rest of the evening tryig to please the Lord by being slow to anger. I am so encouraged by you this evening to want to share quiet times with our children more.