Sunday, September 9, 2007

Our Home

This is the front door, floor needed replacing

More on the land and God's gift...

After we sold our house and purchased the land, we moved in with my parents for four months. During this time we had to completely redo the inside of the house that is on the land. It is where we were going to call home for a few years so it needed to be livable. We knew it needed work but boy were we in for it once we got in there and started looking. All the floors were molded and rotten. We replaced all the subflooring on the first floor and all the sheetrock on the bottom half of the walls. The house was completely gutted. We had to rewire the HVAC and alot of the electrical. So we have a new home basically! Thanks to Jeremy and his dad, Papa Ron. We still have alot to do, another lesson in patience for me! The pics don't do it justice, but here is our humble abode:)
I can't find my really good pics so these will have to do for now.

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