Thursday, September 13, 2007


Hey all! I have been reminded to day of the steadfast love of the Lord. That He is in complete comtrol of everything! I was able to watch Macy this morning, my friend Lori's little girl. Why, so Lori could go to yet another ultrasound appt. She has to go twice a week to get checked. Lori is pregant with twins!! Two baby girls. This pregnancy has come with many trials though. The twins are monochorionic, meaning they are identical and they share the same placenta. That comes with a huge host of complications. So far Baby A is doing really well and Baby B has blood pressure issues but is still growing. Praise God. She is 25 weeks now and the Drs are astounded. They never thought she would make it this far. Especially Baby B. But our kind, loving God has seen fit to preserve the lives of these babies for now and to comfort Lori. She has been sick the whole pregnancy and very uncomfortable. The sacs are filled with so much fluid, it's like she's 36 weeks! But she is enduring with much grace. Wanna hear what they told her this morning? The Drs are baffled because their are no documented cases of monochorionic twins with amniotic sacs like this. They aren't sure what is going on. They keep thinking they are missing something, like genetic defects or something. BUT we know that it is our Great God who is preserving these babies against all odds.

All that to say, the reason I wanted to write this post is because Lori has been such an example of someone who is trusting the Lord with all her heart and soul. Week after week her emails point to the One who is in control and there is no complaining. All I see is gratefulness for the girls and a deep confidence that God knows exactly what He is doing. There hasn't been any wavering from this! And ya'll there is plenty of room to fear! Lori, well done! Thank you for pointing us all to the One who holds us in the palm of His hand. I can't wait to meet the two little girls that He has so fearfully and wonderfully made:)

If you think of her please pray. For the health of the babies and for Lori's discomfort. Pray that they can make it to at least 28 weeks. It's day by day right now. Please pray for Joe. He is doing all the household chores on top of his full time job. He pretty much cares for Macy solely in the evenings, when Lori's pain is the worst. This is one Godly man!! And please pray for a mother's helper for her!

To God be the glory!!

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Shawnda said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this!!! Ever since I met her, I've wondered how she (and those girls!!) are doing!!!! Praise the LORD!!!!! Praying for her!