Friday, September 7, 2007

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Hooray!! We have approval for our land finally! It has taken us two years from the desire to purchase the land to now having approval to build on it. So it has been a loooooong process. Can you tell that God has been teaching me much about patience the past few years? Really this land is a gift from the Lord. We desired to purchase it two years ago. We went back and forth with realtors and the family and couldn't come to an agreement. Then one day Jeremy drove by and noticed the for sale sign was not in the yard.We didn't know what happened so he stopped by and talked to the owner. He ended up having a nice long conversation with him and finding out he was a believer. They prayed together and Jeremy came home. A few weeks later he called Mr Lienghot to see how he was doing. Mr Lienghot asked if we were still interested in the land. And we said yes. A few weeks later we met with him and his wife and came to an agreement. We purchased it last August, after selling our house. God was soooo good. Then we moved in, in November. Since then we have been working on having the land rezoned and getting approval from the town for all kinds of things. It has taken way longer than we expected, but it is God's time we are on, right? So today, we got our last stamp of approval! We still have some work to do before the houses go up but we are much closer! Jeremy has a vision for a community where we all love and serve God while raising our families for His glory. We are really looking forward to seeing this become a reality. Please pray for us if you think about it. Jeremy is doing an incredible amount of work on top of his fulltime job to see this come to fruition. I am so grateful for Him and the heart God has given him for others:) So here is our beautiful land. It will be more beautiful when it is filled with families who are working together with us for the Lord!
There will be more posts on the land...

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