Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everyone!! I hope you had a fun filled day with family and friends. We sure did! Well, I wish I had pics to show you but...yep batteries were dead on the camera. Hate it when that happens! So anyway, we went to the corn maize this morning and then cooked out with friends.
On another note, I would like to ask for prayer when you think of it. I have been battling migraine headaches since I was 10 years old. In the past few months they have gotten really bad, I am having up to three a week. As many of you know I have tried lots of different docs to try to get rid of them-the natural to the traditional. But there hasn't been much progress yet. And I have taken so much migraine medicine that the neurologist thinks I am having rebound migraines. I am only supposed to take 8 Imitrex pills a month and I am taking well over that, which causes even more migrianes. Yeah, I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. So I am faced with some choices. My neurologist wants to put me on a preventative med called Topamax. It's an antiseizure med but they have seen really good results with migraines. The flip side, it has really bad side effects. Or I can keep going as I am and continue to give the natural doc more time. But something has to change! The past two weeks I have been having symptoms for a few days after the migraines which have kept me pretty useless as far as my family goes! Pray for Jeremy as well.
Now with all that being said. I do realize that God may choose not to heal me. And I want to be at peace with that. For I know that He uses all things for my good! I love this quote "God has planned, has a purpose for, and is in complete control of every aspect of His creation, both good and bad, including our individual lives. He does this in such a way that He never authors or approves of sin or relieves man of his responsibility by violating His will. He does all for His glory and all He does in relation to those whom He chooses and loves is for their good."
Doesn't it make you long for heaven?

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Anonymous said...

We'll definitely be praying for you and however the Lord chooses to work in your life! Robin M.