Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I had the best time today! My mom, dad, and I were able to go to my sister Abbie's school where she is student teaching. Her precious teacher invited us up and had a surprise party for her since she is almost done with her student teaching. They had food and cake to celebrate. The best part was watching those little second graders be impacted by the teaching of my dear sister. They loved her and so did the teachers! What a blessing! While the kids were waiting to get their food, they each told their favorite thing about Ab. One little boy said his favorite thing was the way she asked them if they understood what she taught them. If they understood she had them put their thumb up, if they don't, thumb down. He also said she really worked hard to help them learn. At one point they all came up and gave her a group hug! It was the sweetest! One little girl said, "You don't look like your sister, but you talk like her!" I know, the accent is thick and very real:)

Her teacher is just a doll. The Lord was so very kind to place her in that very classroom. Thank you Ms McBrayer!

And Abbie, you will be the BEST teacher ever! We are so proud of you and seeing you use the gift God has given you to touch children brings great joy to our hearts! We love you!

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