Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dress Up Time

Hey everybody! We always enjoy Halloween at our house. We have a tradition of getting together with the Scurlocks and the Hollemans! So this year was a little different. My little princesses are still sick. Yes, this is week two. Piper threw up Monday night and then nothing. Then both girls had fevers Tues afternoon and Gracie has the sore throat, achy body, fever virus now. Poor thing, she is so pitiful. She just cries when her throat hurts. The medicine works well though, thankfully. Please pray for us all. Mommy is tired:)
Back to Halloween. We start off at Mom and Dad's church for trunk-or-treat. The kids love it and the fam gets to see the kiddos. This year the Manninos joined us! Then we head to the Scurlocks for trick-or-treating and food! This year we didn't stay long since we have yucky germs:) We just went for the treat part and visited for a little while after that. We couldn't deprive ourselves of the whole evening:) Lauren, Chris, and Tristen joined us for that!
Well, I can't get the pics to download. It's taking forever. Does anyone else keep having this problem?

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Marge said...

This year I noticed a lot of signs for "trunk or treat." I never heard of that before. What is it, Lindsay?