Saturday, November 10, 2007


OR NOT... Well I have succumbed to the plague of the Gibson house. Yes I am not as invincible as I thought. Bummer. So the sickness continues. This stinks!! I am feeling a little better today. But on the bright side, I have the house all to myself today. Jeremy is at the men's meeting at church and the girls are at the Doodlebops with La La and Nanny (Mom you are my hero). Mom went in my place since I am sick. I am really sad to miss the girls having all that fun. Lauren will take great pics for me though.
And I had to miss the ladies meeting last night. So very sad about that one. Hope you all took good notes so you can fill me in:)
Well I should go make good use of my time!


Michelle Neese said...

Sorry to hear the plague has traveled and you are the new victim! :( I hope you feel better quickly. Enjoy your day off and rest!

meghann said...

were the doodlebops, were the doodlebops......
you are a WONDERFUL mommy to succomb to over an hour of that show! or at least you tried:) i remember syd and jake w. LOVED that show!
i hope you are starting to feel better! we missed yopu at the meeting! juli had a REALLY good message too.
hope to see you up and running soon girl!!!

Shawnda said...

SO SORRY you are sick now!!! I missed you last night and looked for you!!! Praying for quick healing, sister! love ya!

JJandFive said...

so sorry you are still not feeling well : ( : (