Friday, November 16, 2007

Last Night

Last night was a special night for our family. We have a tradition, when we find out the sex of our baby we all go to dinner together to find out what it is. So last night it was Lauren and Chris' turn to share what baby #2 is going to be. We have to wait until everyone is seated at the table and by this point, my dad is usually about to go crazy:) Then we go around the table and everyone shares what they think it is. Soooo, any guesses?

It's a GIRL!!!! Yes, more of the same:) Let's see, that makes 9 girls-5 granddaughters and 4 great grands on both sides of my family. There is one boy, poor cousin Jared, all alone:(

We are excited though! What would we do with a boy anyway? And Tristen will get a sister. There's nothing like those:)

She is healthy. Lauren does have a low lying placenta so they will check that again in a few months through ultrasound. If it begins to cover the cervix she will end up with a C-section.

So baby girl is due the end of April! Can't wait!!!

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JJandFive said...

Awww! I didn't know she was finally pregnant! Congratulations Lauren! : ) : )