Sunday, November 4, 2007


Here's all of us, I'm in the middle, third row
My friend Emily, we have been friends since elementary school!!
My awesome husband!! Thank you Lord!!

Tonight was my 10 year highschool reunion!! I graduated from North Mecklenburg, right here in Huntersville. It was so neat to see everybody. There were so many faces I immediately recognized and many that took me a while. It was such a fun mix of people. A little from this crowd and a little from that one. I was always some where in the middle:) Floating from group to group. I was so blessed with friends from all different cliques. So I enjoyed catching up with lots of them. I can't believe how many still live right here. Yet I don't see them out places. And to top it all off I got an award...For being married the longest!!!!! Can you believe that? I am one of the youngest in my class too. It's been Nine years, almost:) But the person who won the most kids, they have six. Oh my goodness, they have been busy!

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